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Year end is here, are you prepared for your 2017 HUD Audit?

Let us provide with all the information you are going to need.

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2017 Wilson & Associates, CPAs HUD Audit Guide

Including: Official Consolidated Audit Guide Rev 10/2016, Summary of Changes in 2017 How to Save Time and Money

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HUD Audits

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires audits of entities participating in various HUD programs.

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How to Save Time & Money

There are a number of things that you can do to save money and prepare for your annual audit.

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FAQ’s & Latest HUD News

Ask questions and get answers.

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HUD Resources

HUD Central Sitewww.hud.gov

HUD Field Officeswww.hud.gov/localoffices.cfm

HUD Client Information and Policy System (HUDCLIPS)www.hudclips.org

Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC)www.hud.gov/offices/reac

Multifamily Housingwww.hud.gov/offices/hsg/hsgmulti.cfm

Consolidate Audit Guides – https://www.hudoig.gov/reports-publications/audit-guides/consolidated-audit-guides