GAO Updates “Yellow Book,” the Preeminent Standards for Government Auditing

WASHINGTON, DC (July 17, 2018)—The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) today issued a new revision of Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards, also known as the “Yellow Book.”  Last revised in 2011, the Yellow Book is designed to help government auditors at the federal, state, and local levels produce high-quality audits that reflect competence, integrity, objectivity, […]

GAQC Releases Updated Illustrative HUD Reports

This GAQC Alert provides you with important updates in several key areas as follows: The issuance of the Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC) comment letter on proposed changes to the single audit rules and other key grant reforms; Guidance posted on the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) Web site regarding 2013 submissions in light of the […]

HUD Issues Revised Chapter 1 of HUD Guide

Temporary Guidance Issued for 2013 In GAQC Alert #221, we informed you about the OMB proposed changes to the DCF and guidance that was being developed for situations when 2013 single audits are completed prior to the final 2013 DCF being available. That guidance has been finalized and posted to the home page of the […]

Can I just choose any property manager for my HUD Section 8 property?

For section 8 Housing be sure you hire a competent property manager who is familiar with Section 8 housing and the voucher subsidy system. Good Property Managers familiar with section 8 housing will have competent staff who are trained with filing voucher subsidy requests plus handling all the complicated paperwork necessary for a Section 8 […]